Swimming Competition

The MCS Swimming Carnival is operated under the auspices of Swimming NSW.

Age Groups

Age groups are as follows:

12yrs, 13yrs, 14yrs, 15yrs, 16yrs, 17yrs and 18+yrs
Junior: 12 – 14 years
Intermediate: 15 & 16 years
Senior: 17+ years
Ages are as at 31/12 of the year of the Championships.

Swimmers must compete in their own age group and remain there for the entire meet.


Protests in the first instance, should be made verbally by the swimmer to the referee or chief official of the event immediately. A written protest, if required, must be made by the team manager within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the race.


Colleges can submit only one swimmer per event number and four swimmers per relay event.

The Championships are timed finals and are seeded according to nominations by each College. When there are 11 nominations for an event, the slowest competitor will not qualify (10 lanes available and 11 College nominations). Lanes are allocated according to times.

During the seeding process, if a swimmer fails to qualify for a higher division race, they will then become the College nomination for the lower division race for that event.

Additional swimmers may be nominated if free lanes are available after the first round of seeding. This will be based on fastest times nominated from each College. Additional swimmers will not score points (nominated as an exhibition swimmer) for their College but will be considered for MCS selection based on their performance.


Competitors must report to the appropriate Marshalling official once their event has been called. Failure to report will result in disqualification.

Swimmers must compete in seeded lane allocated.


Method of starting:

- Whistle Blast: Competitor stands on the starting block.
- Take Your Mark: Competitor immediately takes up starting position.
- When all competitors are stationary: Hooter.
- Swimmers must remain stationary until the signal to start has been given.
- The one start rule will apply.
- Swimmers are not permitted to swim more than 15m underwater during starts or turns.
- FINA swimsuit laws apply (male suits will be waist to knee only).
- Competitors must not leave the water or the lane until told to by the Chief Judge.

MCS Team Selection

Swimmers who will qualify for the MCS Swimming team to compete at the NSWCCC Championships are:

a) The two fastest swimmers in 50m Freestyle in each age group (from Division A-D combined).

b) The fastest timed swimmer in all other events (from Division A and B combined). Please note – 4x50m Relays, 100m Breaststroke, 100m Butterfly and 100m Backstroke are selected in age divisions of Junior 12-14, Intermediate 15-16 and Senior 17+

c) The school with the 6 fastest 50m Freestyle times combined (one swimmer from each age group) will qualify for the 6 x 50m Freestyle Relay team.

Additional nominations will also be made from times recorded at the MCS carnival as an additional swimmer. These selections will be advised by the

NSWCCC Swimming convenor.

Competitors will be notified of their selection in the MCS Squad by either the MCS Swimming Manager or MCS Swimming Selector on the date of the MCS Championships. Swimmers selected will represent the MCS at the NSWCCC Swimming Championships.

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