Selection Trials


The following guidelines are provided to assist with your selections. Adherence to these guidelines will help to overcome inconsistencies in the selection process, improve the standard of the selection process, protect Selectors and Convenor and formalise best practice within the selection process.

1. For every MCS team to be selected there will be a minimum of 2 Selectors involved in the selection process.

2. Selectors are required to wear either MCS attire or parent body attire.� This ensures their visibility within the process.

3. Selectors are to meet or communicate with the Convenor prior to the Trials eg via email, phone calls, morning of the Trial, etc.

4. The Convenor and the selectors need to identify the qualities necessary for selection eg game knowledge, sportsmanship, knowledge of the rules, skill level required, etc.

5. The Convenor is to conduct a Team Managers / Coaches meeting or communicate with the relevant Colleges before the trials commence to explain the selection process. The Managers / Coaches in turn are to convey this information to parents and students.

6. Every player must be easily identified by selectors eg player numbers.

7. Selectors are to ensure that all games are covered. Throughout the day all players are to be observed at least twice by the Selectors.

8. Selectors should plan to meet on a regular basis throughout the day to confer and to attempt to narrow the team.

9. Seek Team Managers / Coaches comments and use accordingly.

10. No selection information should be released before the team is announced.

11. If you are conferring on the side of the field or anywhere at the venue where your comments may be overheard, just step aside out of earshot for the discussion.

12. It is recommended that a tick or number system be used for the selection of the team.

13. If necessary, timetable position specific trials during the day eg goalie position.

14. Convenors to ensure that all sport specific issues are included in their selection process.

15. At the conclusion of the Trial all selection sheets are to be handed to the Convenor who will then pass them onto the Secretary for future considerations.

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