Rugby 15s Competition

1.  The competition shall be conducted in two age groups, the U14s and U16s.

2.  Teams can exist of 23 players on any given day. There is unlimited interchange. To qualify to play in the finals a player must have played at least three pool games (2 games in the U14s). At the end of each round, team sheets must be sent to the convenor. A full team list must be provided for teams that qualify for the finals. This list will then be signed off on, prior to players competing in the final.

3.  The competition shall consist of one round with the top two teams to qualify for the finals.

4.  Points shall be awarded in the following way:

  • Four points for a win
  • 2 points for a draw
  • 1 point for a loss
  • 0 bye
  • Washed Out – draw points (2)
  • Non-completed game - if a game does not progress past half time, draw points shall be allocated. Otherwise, the result when the game is abandoned, shall stand.

At the end of the rounds, the top two teams will advance to the finals. If 2 teams are on equal points, the position shall be determined by for and against. If these are equal, the position shall be determined by the pool results between the two teams. If this is equal, the position shall be determined by points against. If teams are still equal, a coin toss (under the direction of the convenor) shall determine the final placings. In all finals, there will be two extra 10 minute halfs and golden point rule shall apply in all drawn games. If there is still no final result, joint premiers will be declared.

5.  Home teams must provide a ground manager and the appropriate First Aid Officer.

6.  Each team shall provide a linesman.

7.  The mercy rule shall apply when a differential of 50 points is reached. Should a team forfeit, a 20-0 result shall be recorded.

8.  A ten minute grace period shall be given for a team’s arrival. Games will then be reduced by ten minutes. After this time, the home team has the option of claiming a forfeit. All games are 25 minutes per half.

9.  All grounds should have a broken line marked 5 metres in and running parallel to the sideline.

10. The home team is responsible for referee payments.

11. Each team must have an experienced front row for full scrums to operate. If not, the referee shall be consulted prior to the commencement of the game and non contested scrums shall occur whereby there is no pushing in the scrum and the team that feeds the ball, wins it.

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