Duties of a Manager

1. The Manager shall assist the Coach.

2. The Manager shall assist in the selection of the team when and where appropriate / appointed.

3. Names of selected students to be forwarded to their respective Colleges and the MCS Secretary with relevant information eg date of forth coming event, levy, etc.

4.Distribute and gather Information / Permission Notes that include selected players names, addresses, College, parents names and telephone numbers, medical information, emergency numbers, uniform sizes, levy, travel information if required, and the Principals signature. All permission notes are to be forwarded to the MSC Secretary at the conclusion of the event.

5. In conjunction with the Coach and the MCS Secretary organise and distribute equipment and uniform.

6. Supervise team conduct at all times and ensure that playing attire is satisfactory.

7. Compile necessary information for a written report due within a fortnight of the completion of the event to the MCS Secretary.

8. Inform the MCS Secretary / Treasurer of any required expenses (budget) so that financial arrangement can be made. Forward any outstanding accounts and receipts etc, with sufficient evidence to satisfy that they were necessary.

9. Notify the Association and parents of any alteration to the arrangements.

10. Assist in the security of the players personal property.

11. Organise travel arrangements if necessary.

12. Ensure a First Aid kit is available and assist with the care for injuries.

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