1. A Send-Off Report in conjunction with a Letter of Concern / Protest and / or a Letter of Concern / Protest must be presented to the Sport’s Convenor within 2 days of the event.

a) The Convenor in consultation with the Sports Coordinators Chairman and the MCS Secretary will adjudicate upon the Protest.
b) If any of the three members of the Judicial is a member of the Colleges concerned in the Protest they will automatically step aside from the Judicial and another impartial Sports Coordinator will be invited to advise.
c) The Convenor will then notify the appropriate Colleges of the Judicial decision within two day of receipt of the Protest.

2. Appeal Process

a) An Appeal must be lodge with the specific Sports Convenor within two days of receiving the decision of the Judicial Committees decision.
b) The Appeal must be forwarded within two days to the Appeals Committee that consists of the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Principals Committee.











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