Cross Country Competition

Revised 2010

1. The MCS Association shall conduct the Championship annually.

2. All age divisions from all competing schools must report to the Registration Centre no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of the first event.

3. At the Registration Centre, each competitor has a number containing 3 numerals written on his arm.

1st number = refers to the school
2nd number = refers to the age group
3rd number = refers to the number the runner is in his age group, ie 1 to 5

College 1st Number =

Auburn 1 Greystanes 7
Blacktown 2 Liverpool 8
Campbelltown 3 Parramatta 9
Dundas 4 Penrith 10
Eastwood 5 Ryde 11
Fairfield 6 Schofield 12

4. The age of each competitor shall be taken as "the age the Athlete turns this year".

5. There will be competitions held in the following age divisions: 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 Year and Open.

6. Each student shall compete in only one age division which cannot be younger or elder then his chronological age. Primary school boys are NOT eligible to compete.

7. Regulation athletic uniforms must be worn by all competitors. Each competitor must wear the colours registered for their school. All competitors must wear shoes.

8. The Convenor shall appoint officials from their school as well as ONE representative from each of the member schools.

9. All competitors must cover the course set for the championship in the direction designated. Any deviation from this course will result in disqualification of the competitor.

10.Competitors who arrive after the event has commenced will not be permitted to compete.

11. The Championship will be contested over a specified distance set down by the Convenor in accordance with the MCS Management Committee and as closely aligned as possible with NSW CCC / All Schools requirements.

12. Each School is allowed 5 competitors per age group. Each competitor will be given a place at the finish. The team with the lowest aggregate will be declared winner for the each age group. The lowest cumulative score from their first four (4) runners will determine each team placing. Where, less than four (4) runners finish, last place points plus one will be awarded for each non-finishing runner. Ties will be split by the first team runners' finishing position.

13. The finishing line shall be a line marked on the ground drawn across the track from finish post to finish post. Competitors shall be placed in the order in which any part of their bodies (ie torso as distinguished from arms, feet, head, hands) cross the line. No competitor shall be deemed to have finished unless this entire body shall have crossed the line.

14. The different age divisions shall be started at staggered time intervals decided upon by the Convenor.

15. Any dispute arising from the events will be acted upon by the Convenor and their decision will be final.

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