Cricket One Day Competition

Revised 2014

1. Competition

a) The competition is to be played under the existing laws of cricket as passed by the NSWCA except as amended below.

b) Control of the competition and any matters pertaining to the By-Laws will be in the hands of the Match Committee (consisting of the President, Secretary/Treasurer and the Convenor).

c) Matches are to start at 1.00pm. No match is to commence after 1.30pm. Any match starting after 1.00pm will be reduced by 1 over per side for every 6 minutes.

NOTE: All matches are to be played and any dispute is to be lodged with the convenor after the game is finished.

d) Matches are to be played on the day set down. Permission to change this may be granted by the Match Committee and only in extreme cases. Inclement weather will not be regarded as an extreme case. If permission is granted the Match Committee will determine when the match is to be played.

e) The set will be bowled out. At 2.20pm the number of overs shall be recorded. The fielding side will complete 20 overs (*). The side bowling second will only be required to bowl the number of overs recorded at 2.20pm. In the event of a semi final or final being interrupted, play may continue until the over in progress at 6.00pm for 1st XI and 4.20pm for all other grades, is completed. * Except in the case of (1c) where the match is reduced.

f) Semi finals and finals are to be played over twenty overs for all grades. * Except where (1e) applies.

g) The match is to be twenty overs maximum for all grades. * Except where (1e) applies.

h) The competition shall start in Term 4 there shall be one round of matches, forty (40) overs duration for all grades.

2. Bowlers

a) No bowler is to bowl more than four (4) overs during the other team's innings.

b) Each team may field a bowler who will not bat and a batsman who will not bowl. The non-batting bowler and the non-bowling batsman must be nominated on the scorebook before the start of play. The non-bowling batsman cannot be the wicketkeeper.

3. Boundaries

a) Where boundary markers have to be used, four (4) runs will be scored if the ball passes an imaginary line drawn between the bases of any pair of adjacent boundary markers.

b) A six (6) is scored if the ball clears on the full any boundary, fence or marker that encloses the playing area.

4. No-Balls

a) Where matting or synthetic wickets are used and the ball when bowled strikes the side of the mat or synthetic wicket or the ends of the mat in the centre of the wicket, or the concrete between the mats it shall be called a no-ball.

b) A no-ball will count as one (1) run credited to the batting side. Any runs scored from the bat shall be credited to the batsman and runs scored plus the no-ball shall be credited to the bowler.

c) Deliveries rising above the shoulder level with the batsman in his normal stance will be deemed as a no-ball and scored accordingly. Umpires are to be the judge of such deliveries.

d) Full toss deliveries passing the batsman waist high or above, delivered by any bowler, will be deemed as a no-ball and scored according to (4b) above.

5. Eligibility

a) The competition will be conducted in three divisions of four grades:

- First Division - First XI and 2nd XI
- Second Division - Year 9 Opens
- Third Division - Year 7

Any boy may play in ONLY ONE of these divisions during the season.

b) To be eligible for Year 7 - a boy must be in Year 7 at the start of the season.

c) To be eligible for year 9 opens - a boy must be in Year 9 or lower at the start of the season. In the New Year any boy repeating Year 10 may play.

d) To be eligible for First and Second grade - a boy must be in Year 11 or lower at the start of the season. In the New Year any boy repeating Year 12 may play.

e) A boy who has played three (3) of the past four (4) games in 1st grade is ineligible for 2nd Grade. If both sides make the semi Finals and Final, the boy can play in either.

f) A boy new to the school in the New Year is eligible to play, but only in one selected grade.

6. Umpires

a) When provided, official umpires shall control the game. If only one is available, he shall control from the bowling end (coaches shall rotate the square leg duties).

b) It is the responsibility of the Convenor to appoint umpires for all games, if possible.

c) An official umpire has the right to decide on play if difficult weather prevails.

d) The umpire(s) shall certify scores before they leave the ground, scorers should see that this is done. Scorers should note the name of the umpire on the score sheets.

e) No coaching is permitted during the course of the innings.

f) All umpires should notify their partners if they are unable to meet their commitment for each match.

g) Schools should advise umpires of a cancelled game or a change of venue.

h) Umpires at all times should consider their duty of care.

i) Fees: If there are two (2) umpires then they will be paid $60.00 each. If there is one (1) umpire then he shall be paid $80.00.

7. Grounds

a) All 1st Grade games shall be played on turf where possible, if not a synthetic or matting may be used.

b) 2nd XI, Year 9 Opens and U/13s should be played on synthetic, however turf or matting may be used.

c) The school shall nominate its grounds, if a ground changes from the venue listed then the home team must inform the convenor, the opposition and the umpires by 10.00am on the day of the match.

d) In the event of the home team or the opposition being unable to provide a ground before 10.00am, the match will be drawn.

8. Ball / Equipment

a) A leather two piece ball shall be used.

b) Each home team is responsible for providing the necessary materials: six (6) stumps, four (4) bails, boundary markers and a broom (where applicable).

9. Wet Weather

a) Should the Match committee cancel all games, no points are awarded for that round (if a bye arises draw points are awarded to each team except the team with the bye which will receive points).

b) Where the home team is unable to provide a ground on match day, they must inform the opposition and the convenor before 10.00am, if not earlier.
The opposing team may offer the use of an alternate ground, which where practical should be accepted. If a difference of opinion occurs, the matter is to be referred to the convenor for a binding decision.

10. Incomplete Matches

a) If in any round, some games remain unplayed or incomplete, and taking into account the provisions of By laws (1e) and (7d) then;

b) If the game has not commenced, then draw points will be allocated to each team.

c) If the game has commenced, then draw points will be allocated.

d) If the game is semi final then a draw will be declared and the team higher on the competition ladder shall progress to the final.

e) If the game is a final then joint premiers will be declared.

11. Completion of Innings

a) The innings of a team batting first shall be deemed to have been completed upon:

- The dismissal of ten (10) batsmen
- The 20th over having been bowled unless 2(c) applies

b) The innings of the team batting second in a match shall be deemed to have been completed upon:

- The dismissal of ten (10) batsmen
- The 20th over having been bowled unless (1e) applies
- Having passed the total of the team batting first (note the laws of cricket allow for the resumption of the game if the total has not been passed)

12. Positions

In the event of ties for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and/or 4th places at the completion of the final round, positions shall be determined by the following procedure:

a) The batting average FOR a team shall be obtained by dividing the total number of RUNS SCORED by the total number of WICKETS LOST.

b) The batting average AGAINST a team shall be obtained by dividing the number of RUNS SCORED AGAINST by the number of WICKETS TAKEN.

c) The batting average FOR is divided by the batting AGAINST.

d) The team with a higher quotient than the other team, shall be considered to have the better performance.

13. Final Series

a) All Junior and 2nd XI semi finals and finals will be played on synthetic surfaces.

b) Semi finals will be held at the end of the competition rounds for all three divisions, with the match up of games being based on positions on the final competition table: 1 verses 4, 2 verses 3, with the winners to meet in the final. The semi final games are to be hosted by the team finishing highest on the table. The finals are to be played at neutral grounds.

c) In the event of a tie or washout in a Semi Final the team that finished highest on the ladder at the conclusion of the regular season will be awarded the win and progress through to the Grand Final. In the event of a tie or washout in a Grand Final joint premiers will be declared.

d) When there is only eight teams competing The 2nd XI final series will be conducted along the McIntyre system.

- Round 8 - will be 1 v 2, 3 v 4, 5 v 6, 7 v 8. Note that teams can only swap with the  team they are playing against. ie. 6 may only replace 5 in the points from their game  allow.

- Round 9 - will be 1 v 8, 2 v 7, 3 v 6, 4 v 5 with the two lowest ranked losers  dropping out.

- Round 10 - 1st semi final 4th highest ranked winner v 2nd highest ranked loser,  2nd semi final 3rd highest ranked winner V 1st highest ranked loser. Note: losers  drop out.

- Round 11 - 1st highest ranked winner (week 9) V winner of 1st semi final.

14. Scoring

The use of an IPad or equivalent device may be used for scoring. At the completion of each innings the Umpire must check and sign the score sheet or equivalent device. (Refer to by law 6.d). In the event of a disputed result only signed score sheets will be used to determine a result. In the event that the presiding umpire does not sign the score sheets the game will be declared a draw.

15. Forfeiting

In the event of a team forfeiting a game the winning side will be awarded the competition points (6 Points) and a season average quotient will be added to the respective teams results at the conclusion of the competition. In the event of a team withdrawing from the competition previous results will be null and void. Their position in the competition will be deemed a bye with the results table being adjusted to reflect this.

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