Metropolitan Catholic Schools Association

(Accepted 11/94, amended 2/98, 1/99, 9/09, 03/13, 02/14)

1. NAME:
The Association will be known as the Metropolitan Catholic Schools Sports Association�

The colours of the Association will be Sky Blue, White and Black and a crest with the initials MCS incorporating a cross.

3. AIM:
The aim of the Association will be to promote and conduct various forms of inter-school sporting activity with a view to fostering a spirit of fellowship and good sportsmanship.

There will be two types of membership of the Association. They are FULL members and ASSOCIATE members.

a) Full members of the Association consist of the following schools;

Trinity Catholic College


Patrician Brothers ' College


St Gregory's College


St Patrick's Marist College


Marist College  Eastwood


Patrician Brothers' College


St Paul's Catholic College


All Saints Catholic Boys College


St Dominic's College


St John Paul II Catholic College


Parramatta Marist High



b) All Full member schools must:

Compete in the original competition of the Association pertaining to the sports of Cricket, Rugby League, Swimming and Athletics. Any school that cannot participate in these competitions shall have its right to membership discussed and voted upon at the Annual General Meeting.

Support an equitable distribution of staff from all Full members of the association to support our representative teams / squads at NSW CCC events.

c) Associate members of the Association will be admitted on a yearly basis as determined by the full member Principals. This shall be done by application before the 1st November in any given year. Full member Principals shall consider Associate membership at its November meeting.

d) As with Member Schools, Associate member schools shall:

- Aim to foster a spirit of good fellowship and good sportsmanship.
- Abide by the MCS Constitution, Code of Conduct and By-Laws as determined by the Principals.
- Honour all commitments to competitions in which they are entered.
- Pay entry fees for competitions in which they participate.
- Provide suitable playing fields if involved in the sports of Football, Rugby League and / or Cricket.
- Be a Catholic School in the Western Region of Sydney.

e) Associate member schools shall nominate to participate in sports competition at the beginning of each year.

The activities of the Association will be organised by a Committee consisting of a Chairperson, a Secretary/Treasurer and Sport Coordinators of member schools or their representatives.

There will be a number of meetings held each year.

a) The Annual General Meeting, at which all Principals and Sport Coordinators will be in attendance, will be held in the first three weeks of Term Four of the school year. At this meeting the President and Vice-President will be endorsed by member Principals. At this time the next years calendar will be finalised. There may be recommendations to alter the Constitution and proposals to change conditions of play in the various sports.

i) On the day of the AGM the Sport Coordinators will meet and elect a Sport Coordinators Chairperson to represent them and chair Sport Coordinators Meetings.

b) A General Principals / Sport Coordinators Meeting will be held in the first three weeks of Term 1.

c) There will be a Principals meeting held in Term 3 at the conclusion of the Winter Competition to examine the proposed calendar for the following year.

d) There will be a minimum of six (6) Sport Coordinators Meetings held throughout the year. The venue for these meetings will be shared equally amongst the member colleges, as listed alphabetically in the constitution on a rotation basis. They are to commence at 1.00pm.

e) Representatives of six (6) full member schools will constitute a quorum.

f) Principal or Assistant Principal only to attend meetings designated as Principal meetings.


a) At any meeting of the Association each full member school shall have only one (1) vote.

b) Full Member and Associate schools may vote (one vote per school) on matters relating to sports in which they compete.

c) In the case of a drawn vote the motion is lost.


a) Proposed changes to By-Laws must be given in writing to the Secretary / Treasurer by the person proposing the change(s), in sufficient time to allow the Secretary / Treasurer to notify the Sport Coordinators at least one month prior to the next meeting.

b) If By-Laws are amended the Sport Coordinators will appoint a date at which the new By-Law(s) will become effective.


a) The President will:

- Be the spokesman for the Association
- Chair the General Meetings and the Principals Meetings
- In matters of urgency when Sports Coordinators are unable to meet, decide on a course of action after consulting the Vice President, Chairman of the Sports Coordinators and the Association Secretary / Treasurer.
- Monitor the duties performed by the Secretary/Treasurer
- In principle, be appointed to a 2 year term. As of 2013 this appointment is to be based upon the membership as listed alphabetically in the constitution. The Vice President to be the outgoing president.

b) The Vice-President will perform the President's duties in his absence.

c) A Secretary/Treasurer:

- Will be appointed for a three year term, subject to 12 months probation, prior to the AGM.
- Will be appointed by a committee consisting of the President, Vice-President and the Chairman of Sport Coordinators, following consultation with Principals of full member schools.
- Will perform the duties outlined by Principals in the Letter of Appointment
- Will be granted an expense allowance as determined annually by the Principals. The allowance is to be paid in quarterly installments in the months of December, March, June and September.


a) All monies derived from the various activities of the Association will be placed in one account to be drawn jointly by the Secretary/Treasurer of the Association and the Principal of the school where the Secretary/Treasurer teaches.

b) A budget will be submitted at the AGM

c) The Association will levy full Member Schools based upon the February census. The levy will be known as the Capitation Fee.

d) Association member schools will pay flat rate fees based on the sport(s) in which they compete.

e) Some sports may have additional levies placed on them payable by all schools competing.

f) A financial statement will be submitted at the Annual General Meeting.


a) Only students who are bona fide pupils of the member Secondary schools may participate in the competitions of the Association.

b) Senior Secondary Schools may call upon successful Year 11 applicants for the following year to participate in Term 4 Competitions only.

c) In all other Competitions ages are reckoned from 31 December of the relevant year unless it is cohort based.


a) Any proposed alteration to the Constitution will be lodged with the Secretary/Treasurer by the person proposing the change(s) in sufficient time to allow the Secretary/Treasurer to notify the Principals at least one month before the Annual General Meeting.

b) Any amendments, before being valid, must be approved by at least a two-thirds majority of all full member schools comprising the Association.

All full member schools will take on the responsibility of convening a sport on a three year rotational basis, to be determined by the Sport Coordinators.
Convening schools will:

- Organise and implement competition.
- At the beginning of each competition provide a draw, by-laws and ground locations (where applicable) to all competing schools.
- Collate and publish results on a weekly basis in sports contested.
- Present a report, at the completion of that sport, at the next Sport Coordinators meeting, and provide a typed report (with results) for publication in the Association Annual Report.

Sports Calendar