Duties of a Coach

1. The Coach is responsible for developing team-work, spirit and harmony amongst all the players and Support Staff.  Be reasonable in your demands on young players’ time, energy and enthusiasm.  Remember, winning is only part of participating in Sport.

2.  The Coach shall lead and / or assist in the selection process of the team, including explaining the selection criteria to all players trialling.

3. The Coach should stress fair play and sportsmanship, at all times emphasising the MCS Code of Conduct.

4. The Coach should take immediate disciplinary action on any team member who resorts to foul tactics or openly brings discredit to the MCS Sports Association by showing aspects of poor sportsmanship, eg verbally attacking an umpire’s / referee’s decision, etc.

5. The Coach is responsible for the physical wellbeing of all team members both on and off the field. Take note of injuries received by players and ensure that any necessary medical attention is forthcoming.  Follow the advice of a physician when determining when an injured player is ready to play again.

6. On tour the Coach should assemble the players at least once a day for either team discussions or active coaching routine.

7. Liaise with the Team Manager prior to the team assembling, and cooperate in the overall conduct of a visit or tour.

8. Ensure that playing conditions, equipment and facilities are safe and appropriate to the age and ability of the players.

9. The scheduling and length of practice times and competitions should take into consideration the maturity levels of the students.

10. Prepare the team to play, including warm-up and cool-down.




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