Athletics Competition

1. Entry

Track Events

a) All track events will be run as a timed final format.

b) There will be A,B,C & D divisions for the 100m and these will have two timed races for each event. Each school is permitted to have four runners in total, ONE for each division.

c) The 200m & 400m will be run with two timed Finals per age division. Each school is permitted to nominate ONE runner for each age division.

d) Lanes for the 100m, 200m & 400m will be allocated by the Carnival convenor prior to the days carnival. The competitors from each school will run in the allocated lane for these events on the day.

e) The 800m & 1500m will be run with one event per age division. Each school is permitted to nominate TWO runners per age division for these events.

Field Events

a) One competitor for each age group, from each school will compete in the field events at the finals. There will be no hurdle events at the finals. There is no limitation to the number of events a student may enter, although they must elect an age group for the whole carnival. That age group must be the age you turn in that calendar year

b) Athletes may compete in older age events, however, once a competitor has competed in an age group, they must not compete in any other age group.

2. Marshalling

Competitors must report and register with the appropriate Marshall when first called to their event. Failure to report to the Marshall shall lead to disqualification. If competing in another event it is the duty of the competitor to send a representative to report to the Marshall.

3. Track Place-Getters

Competitors must remain in their lanes at the completion of an event. The first four place-getters shall be given a tag-denoting place gained. These competitors must move to the recorder at the finish to have their names recorded.

4. Protests

A verbal protest should be given to the carnival organisers immediately, with a further written protest to be submitted within 20 minutes. The carnival organisers shall deal with protests and the carnival organisers' decision shall be final.

5. Uniform

Competitors must compete in school sport uniform.

6. Spikes

Are optional for all events. Only tartan spikes can be used, NOT grass spikes.

7. Blocks

Competitors may elect to use starting blocks if this does not cause an unnecessary delay to the start of any event.

8. Starting

a) The starting orders are: 'On your mark', 'Set', gun blast
b) For the 400m, the starting orders are 'On your mark', Set, gun blast.
c) For the 800m, 1500m, the starting orders are On your mark, gun blast.
d) False starts: Competitors causing a false start will be warned on the first occasion and disqualified on the second occasion.

9. Coaching

a) Parents, teachers and coaches are forbidden to enter the competition area.
b) Once marshalled, no coaching is permitted. The penalty is disqualification.
c) Encouragement should not be of the kind that distracts other athletes.

10. Officials

a) Each school will be allocated a lane to provide a timekeeper for.
b) Supply one team manager to supervise students in their allocated seated areas.

11. First Aid

St Johns ambulance service shall be in attendance. Should an accident occur the teacher/s in charge of the event are to complete an accident form (when time permits) and return it to the recording desk. The injured athlete should report to the first aid officers at the venue.

12. Team Managers

Please ensure that the only people in the competition area are the competitors or officials. All other people should be in their schools allocated area. The recording table is out of bounds to all parents and students.

13. NSW CCC Carnival

a) Students who place first or second in the 1500m, 800m, shot put, discus, javelin, long jump, triple jump, or high jump will represent the MCS in team 1 or 2 at the NSW CCC carnival.
b) Students who place 1st or 2nd in the 400m, 200m or 100m will also represent the MCS.
c) Students with the fastest times between U12-U14 and U15-Opens 1500m walk will represent the MCS.
d) Students with the fastest times in the hurdles when nominated by their school will represent the MCS as well.
e) Teams with the fastest times between the U12/13, U14/15, and U16-Opens 4 x 100m relays will represent the MCS.

14. Event Specifications

15. Child Protection

Due to Child Protection legislation, no photographic or video cameras are permitted on the premises. Without the permission of the MCS Committee.

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