1.The competition shall be known as the Metropolitan Catholic Schools AFL Competition.

2. Grades shall be known as follows:

Under 14's (eligible to students who turn 14 or younger in that year)

Opens (eligible to students who are turning older than 14 in that year and are in Year 11 or lower)

3. Matches are to be played on the day/time as set down in the draw. Permission to play on an alternative day/time may be granted by the Match Committee in extreme cases.  Inclement weather will not be regarded as an extreme case. If permission is granted the Match Committee will determine when the match is to be played.


4.To be eligible to participate in the AFL competition (any grade) a student must be enrolled no later than Day 1 Term 3.

5. U14 players must stay in their age group. Players may only play in one grade on any given day.


6.All grades will play one round of matches in their respective pools with semi-finals (1st Pool A vs 2nd Pool B; 1st Pool B vs 2nd Pool A) and a final (winner of semi-finals).

Semi Finals: When teams have finished the competition on equal points, the position in the table will be determined by points for minus points against. If a semi-final is cancelled, the team finishing highest in the competition shall be deemed the winner.  All Semi finals will be played at Macquarie University grounds.

Finals: All finals will be held Blacktown Olympic Ground unless otherwise stated.


7. All games shall be played on the ground set down on the date specified in the draw.


8. The length of each half shall be: 20 minutes for all grades, with 5 minutes for half time.

9. Semi Finals and Finals may be played with 20 minute halves and 5 minutes for half time. If the game is drawn in the Semi Final or Final there will be 5 minutes each way extra time added to the game.

10. During the regular season no extra time shall be played and no time off for injuries is to be allowed. In the case of serious injury and the game may have to be abandoned the Convenor will determine the result given the circumstances of the game at the time of the injury.

11a. At all grounds the first game will commence at 1.00 p.m.  Teams must be ready to play 5 minutes before their specified time11b. A team will be given 5 minutes grace after 1.00 p.m. to start the game.  All games should be played and any disputes regarding a game should be directed to the convenor the following morning.

If no points are scored during extra time of 5 minutes each way (ie; the match is still drawn at the end of extra time) the following shall apply

Semi Final: Higher placed team on the competition ladder (firstly by way of competition points and secondly by way of for and against record) at the conclusion of the home and away series will progress to the final.

Final: Joint premiers will be declared.

Game ruling in the case of wet weather or a hazardous situation when a game has already started. If the game is stopped before halftime, the for and against points are to be awarded, however the result is recorded as a draw. In the case of a game that is stopped at anytime into the second half the result is as stands when the umpire calls the game off. It is the umpires decision to call a game and has the discretion to do so when safety is at risk.


12. For all grades, 5 replacement players may be used with an unlimited number of interchanges allowed. All interchanges must be made through the interchange gates.

The interchange area for this competition will be the region between the two coach's boxes.

A player cannot enter the field as a replacement until the player he is replacing has left the field.

A player who does not leave the playing ground through the approved areas shall not be permitted to take further part in the match, unless he is taken from the playing ground on a stretcher.


13. Two points will be awarded for a win, one for a draw, zero for a loss, no points for a bye and in the advent of a forfeit two points for a win.  In the event of a cancelled match due to inclement weather, points will be shared, except in the event of a total round being cancelled when no points will be awarded for the round.

If a forfeit takes place a 50-0 score line will be recorded in the results. Two competition points and 50 points will be recorded for the team that is present for the match. Zero competition points and 50 against points will be recorded for the team that fails to present for the match.


14. A Wet Weather Committee shall consist of the Convenor of AFL and the Sports coordinators Secretary. They have the right to cancel a round due to inclement weather. The round will be cancelled if the majority of matches in either the Junior or Senior grades cannot be played.  If the Convenor and Secretary cannot reach a decision, the President of the Association will arbitrate. The decision to cancel a round will be made by 10.00 a.m. Thursday morning.


15a. Where the playing area is enclosed by a fence, coaches and spectators must remain behind it. The only persons allowed inside the fence are the players, Umpires, tough judges, ball boys and the trainer.

15b. Where no fences are provided the ground is to be roped or marked off 5-10 metres from the sideline. Teachers/coaches should ensure spectators remain behind these marked lines.


16. All coaches shall be qualified Level 0 Coaches (minimum) or be currently in the process of gaining such qualification. All coaches should be familiar with and adhere to the MCS Code of Conduct and the ACC Code of Ethics.


First aid kits and personnel will be provided by AFL (NSW/ACT), however it is recommended that all coaches are qualified in first aid.

Personal Injury / Accident Insurance

Students participate in the MCS at their own risk. They are responsible for their own personal injury/accident insurance.


17. There will be a Convenor appointed whose duties shall be to record, compile and distribute the relevant statistics on a weekly basis to all member schools.


18. Each team competing should have jumpers displaying different numbers.  Players with jumpers displaying the same or no number will not be permitted to play. A no number replacement jumper may be worn to replace a blood stained jersey.

To ensure the best presentation of this competition, it is expected that all players will wear matching shorts and socks.

Should schools decide not to wear traditional Australian Football style shorts and wear school sports shorts, it is import that all players wear the same style of shorts.


19. Duties:

All school co-ordinators are to be conversant with this publication and aware of their duties that are outlined. They are as follows:

All teams must be accompanied by a staff member who is responsible for that team..

Team managers are to ensure all players are correctly attired (ie. football socks, shorts and jumpers).

If a school intends to forfeit, it must notify firstly the convener, Layn Mellish, Terra Sancta College (0421985130) at least 24 hours before the scheduled commencement of the match.

The supervising teacher is to participate in any tribunal hearing in the event of a player being sent off for the entire match.

Team Managers are to ensure that all players are under the required age limits for their respective competitions.

Coaches, officials and players must participate in the spirit of true sportsmanship, ensuring that the competition is a credit to the game of Australian Football and those participating in it.

19a. Each school is to provide 1 boundary umpire and 1 goal umpire for each match they are involved in. This may be a responsible student.


20. AFL (NSW/ACT) staff plays a large role in ensuring the success of the competition through training assistance to schools and various other activities. The duties for this competition include:

Liaising with schools for any assistance in coaching etc.

Liaising with clubs two days before matches and ensuring that the ground is in a playable condition. Eg. Lines marked, goal post pads available, grass mown.

Liaising with Match Manager the day prior to the match to ensure they are fully conversant with their duties.

Acting as Match Manager when required.


21. AFL (NSW/ACT) has a website totally dedicated to school participation Results from the matches completed will be published on the MCS website each week.


22. Where it is acknowledged that the spectators are supporting their School the Teacher in charge is requested to assist the Match Manager in directing offending spectators to refrain or move to the licensed area (if one exists)

Contact Police if offending spectators choose to ignore directions.


23. Playing Times

(2 x 20 minute Halves) 5 minutes for half time

Next match must be ready to go at least 5 minutes before scheduled time.

In the event of a draw, five minutes each way with a straight swap over. (During Semi Finals and Finals only).


Game 1: 1:00pm - 1:45pm

Game 2: 1.50pm - 2:35pm

Game 3: 2:40pm - 3:25pm


Rounds will be allocated as per the latest version of the draw given by the convenor.

24. Laws of Football

All matches will be played under the Laws of the Game promulgated by the AFL


24a. A send off rule will be in operation as follows:

A player may be sent off (RED CARD) at the discretion of the umpire for any reportable offence. The player sent off may be replaced. He shall take no further part in the remainder of the game.

Generally one warning for foul or illegal play will be issued. Disciplinary action for players sent from the ground will be decided upon at the completion of the game by the coaches and Match Manager. The Match Manager will advise AFL (NSW/ACT) and the MCS AFL Convenor of any decisions.

24b. Players may also be sent off by umpires for minor breaches for a "cooling off' period (YELLOW CARD). These players will stay off for a 10 minute period.No tribunal is necessary for minor breaches. However it is the responsibility of the school co-ordinator to impose disciplinary action, if they believe the action contravenes the mission of the competition.

24c. Teams will be made up of 15 players plus 5 interchange players.

24d. An even up rule applies when sides have less that 15 players. (ie if one side only have 12 players the other side is required to have the same number of players).

A minimum of 12 players per side are required for the match to be completed.

24e. A free kick will be awarded to the opposing team when any player kicks the ball from the ground in a contested situation

25. Tribunal Instructions

The field umpires and match managers to meet directly after the match to discuss any send offs.

Tribunals will only be convened if a player is sent off for a serious breach ie. The whole of the match (RED CARD). Minor offences that require a player to be sent off for the remainder of a half will not require a tribunal to be convened.

Tribunal will consist of the Match Manager and the two supervising teachers.

Evidence will he heard from the umpire, the player and any other witness called by the player and umpire.

Results of the tribunal should be noted on the match report sheet. It should state the charged player's name, school, whether he was guilty or not guilty and the length of suspension, if any.


26. AFL (NSW/ACT) will provide appropriate yellow and red match balls. The Match Manager will have these in his/her possession.

Please hand in results sheets to the AFL NSW REPRESENTATIVE at the conclusion of the game.

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